SHVS How I Work

I’m different than most Virtual Assistants. I don’t have a technical or administrative background.  I have a service industry background. And that’s what gives me a competitive edge.

I am a client service and support specialist and a customer experience expert. These are my top priorities. High emotional intelligence attracted my first client to me. When I was a hairstylist, I had a client who needed some help with her scheduling a few hours a week. She asked me if I would be interested and I told her I didn’t have any experience. She said, “I can train you to use Outlook. What I can’t train someone to do is to be smart with people.” She was right and I’ve been working with her ever since. I started learning on the job by advancing my computer skills and tech savvy, and have never stopped educating myself. In fact, I keep on learning everyday; searching for the newest web-based solutions for business, the hottest trends in social media, and the freshest technology on the scene.

I have a solution-oriented brain; I’m a problem solver and strategist at heart with a knack for the details. I can zoom in, zoom out, and “see around corners”. I gained extremely valuable experience working with people during my tenure as a hairstylist. My natural communication skills were honed and sharpened to give me the ability to decipher what people need and want, and read between the lines. Behind every decision is a value; learning what people value is the key to understanding them and exceeding their expectations. Active listening and compassionate response are vital to effective human communication. These are two skills that I consider invaluable in my daily virtual interactions. In addition, being a successful and high-earning server depends on lightning fast responses and mental reflexes, a quick smile, a can-do attitude, and true care for your guests’ experiences. These 5 attributes continue to serve me and set me apart from the crowd in my role as a VA. If you’re looking for a simple task do-er, I’m probably not the VA for you. If you’re looking for an intelligent resource who can interpret what you need and manage the solution, you’ve come to the right place.

Because I don’t have the same background as most VA’s out there, I see things differently. I approach my work with the client’s experience in mind. Even though we work with computers and gadgets everyday, ultimately, we work with people. That is why customer service is essential for business success. Partnering with someone you can trust who cares about, understands, and stands for your brand, your voice, and your product or service is paramount to coming across the way you intend and reaching your business goals.

When I partner with you, I take it seriously. I start with learning about you and your business; your short and long term goals, your vision, your needs. I then research, craft and implement a strategy to help support you reach those ideals. Take a look at my menu of services to see how I can lighten your load. If I don’t expressly offer a service you need, I find the best sub-contractor in my SHVS network to fit the bill. My network includes talented and professional writers, graphic designers, web designers, corporate and marketing video producers, Spanish translators, sales consultants, and SEO marketers.

Trust is essential in any relationship. I foster trust with my clients and potential clients by being honest, transparent, dependable, communicating frequently, and delivering what I said I would, on-time or early. I only work with sub-contractors I trust completely, because my reputation and my clients’ security is too important for me to risk. I outsource to people I know personally, or have found through a trusted source. Sterling references available here.

I am currently accepting new clients and projects. Contact me today to start a conversation about how I can support you and free up your time to  help you focus on what you do best.


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